Search bug: Using the replace feature

Managed to crash search when trying to use the replace feature. I selected manually a bunch of items on the list and try to change before being shown this and causing a reset.

Hi @Michael25 I’ve tested the replace feature l on my end and after selecting multiple items form the list it updated those items. How large was the change you were making and how many items did you have selected? Does it occur if you select a smaller amount of items?

Are you seeing the same this in both the desktop app and the browser and can you try clearing your cache.

If you are still seeing the issue, can you please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

Hi @Ryan_52 ahhh retesting I can see what I did now. I actually hit the ‘replace all’ button by accident then I did an undo (cmd z). I then selected the layers I wanted to change out of the list. Then got this error coming up. A bit of an edge case, but that was my steps.

Also this was the desktop app I was seeing it on.

Thanks for that clarification, if you experience this issue again I would suggest reaching out to the support team directly for them to take a closer look.