Seamless Multi-Account Management

When working with files from two accounts (e.g., Account A and B), Figma prioritizes the account you use most (A). This causes issues when switching to files from the secondary account (B), making them uneditable as Figma misidentifies the user.

Introduce a feature to ensure smooth multi-account file management:

  1. Maintain Account Integrity: Ensure files retain their original account association.
  2. Session Management: Track and manage active accounts and their files.
  3. Clear Indicators: Show which account is associated with the active file.
  4. Seamless Switching: Allow easy switching between accounts without editing disruption.
  5. Error Alerts: Inform users of account mismatches and provide quick resolutions.


  • Uninterrupted workflow across multiple accounts
  • Reduced confusion and frustration
  • Effective management of projects across different accounts