Scroll stopped working in a certain area of the prototype

I’m working on a pretty heavy prototype for a test project so it’s understandable if there’s issues, I really pushed wire framing to a new level in this, so to get to the point:
I made in the Home Screen an option to scroll of to an interactive master component which consists of about 10 variables, this component alone is pretty heavy in itself even though it doesn’t have too many wireframes. Anyway, everything was working great prior to yesterday when I tried to test this area I noticed I’m unable to scroll in this component at all, not horizontally nor vertically, not on mobile nor pc, not Figma nor browsers, and it has few different scrolls in it, none of them work but things are still clickable. It would crash right after you try to change between variables too so you can’t do too much.

Anyway, wire framing wise, prototype wise there’s no issues, I double checked, and it worked great until yesterday. Would glad to get some help!

(btw if the support team wants to replicate It, it would take about or over 300hrs so I wouldn’t recommend it)