Screen with countdown timer (on varibles) doesn't navigate after delay


I’ve got a screen with typical countdown timer made on variables. In my prototype flow I want to let it count for about 5 seconds and then trigger After Delay, navigating to further screen. What I’ve found is that you can’t set more then 1000ms in After Delay, otherwise it just doesn’t work at all. If I remove the countdown component from screen, after delay trigger works perfect as usual: I can set more than 1000ms and it will work.

With countdown component on screen, the trigger “After Delay” works only at 1000ms or less (which is too quick in my case, cause I want viewers to see what’s going on in this screen rather then have skipped it in 1 second)

Maybe someone is struggling this particular bug and has a working solution?

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Same here…

Hi there! Thanks for flagging this.
Hmm I couldn’t reproduce on my end, it would be great if we can investigate it further with a copy of your file and a quick video recording so we can try to reproduce it.
If you are hesitant to share it publicly, please reach out to the support team here by filling this form: Thank you!