Saving in dev mode

I have Figma open and vs code open, I have the plug in running, on the right panel is Figma and the left is the react app Figma creates. I added some design to my Figma, some circle color filled circles. I run the react code and they don’t show up. not sure if i need to save or export or something. I’m using Figma online not the desktop app.

Hey @anon61346703, sorry to hear you are having issues with VS code.
As a first troubleshooting, can you check if there are any updates available for VS Code and the Figma for VS Code extension and update as needed?

Then, can you also try logging out of your Figma account in the VS code extension and logging back in or logging out, uninstalling the extension and reinstalling and then logging back in and check if this changes anything?
As noted in Figma for VS Code you can logout using Shift+Command/Control+P to Show and Run Commands and then search and select Figma: Log out from the list of options in the search bar:

If these steps still don’t help, please reach out directly to the support team, so we can have a deeper look at it here. Thank you!