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Right Click and Double Click triggers for prototypes

Our app has right click options but are limited to one click only with Figma.

Would anyone else be interested in having right vs left click options for prototyping?


Additional event triggers would be very helpful. I would also include proper double-click event trigger.

Touch equivalent gestures would also be helpful, like long-press and double-tap.


+1 for Double click/tap


For some products having only hover and click not enough. It would be very useful to have double click and right click. And also it would be useful to have a delay for “while hovering” trigger, because adding mouse enter and mouse leave is quite cumbersome for this purpose.


Suggestion to add a double tap prototype trigger for prototypes, having more triggers would really increase the capabilities of how complex our prototypes can go


… agreed. And how about pinch to zoom in/out

+1 on this, especially double click/tap interaction for prototypes

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  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
    Making pro tools, I would like to be able to add right click for context menus, and that the overlay opens at mousepointer.