Right Click and Double Click triggers for prototypes

Our app has right click options but are limited to one click only with Figma.

Would anyone else be interested in having right vs left click options for prototyping?


Additional event triggers would be very helpful. I would also include proper double-click event trigger.

Touch equivalent gestures would also be helpful, like long-press and double-tap.


+1 for Double click/tap


For some products having only hover and click not enough. It would be very useful to have double click and right click. And also it would be useful to have a delay for “while hovering” trigger, because adding mouse enter and mouse leave is quite cumbersome for this purpose.


Suggestion to add a double tap prototype trigger for prototypes, having more triggers would really increase the capabilities of how complex our prototypes can go


… agreed. And how about pinch to zoom in/out


+1 on this, especially double click/tap interaction for prototypes

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
    Making pro tools, I would like to be able to add right click for context menus, and that the overlay opens at mousepointer.
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Definitely could use this also.
While at it, just copy UXPin’s triggers, they are good!

Lack of this feature in Figma is a reason why i still use Axure for more complex prototyping.

Yes, not having these triggers limits the possibilities. Please add both right click, double click as well as the option to show an overlay at pointer position; e.g. for dynamic tooltips this would be handy.

Hi, for prototyping tool it is a must-have and really useful feature.

Also following and advocating for figma right click and double click!!

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Agree — Figma isn’t as well suited to prototyping traditional WIMP (mouse/pointer) vs touch-based apps.

Obviously a lot of people design/prototype web-apps, so right, and to a lesser extent double, click actions are pretty relevant.

More fundamentally it could be easier to prototype UIs that involve interacting with an element that effects a change in other areas of the UI.

New to Figma, but this was surprising to find out that right clicking and double clicks couldn’t be done as an interaction.

From a quick search there aren’t any other threads or workarounds to do this.

This would be a great feature to implement.

Another day, another Figma prototyping limitation I run in to. :frowning_face: Figma, you’re so close to making Axure, ProtoPie, Framer, etc. obsolete! I don’t want to learn a new tool and deal with the hassle of migrating all my files just to make better prototypes!

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As of now, Figma interactions are not fit for user testing. Right-click, double click, easy addition of tooltips would be helpful…
I guess figma interactions are only useful for presentations within the development team…

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Still keeping an eye on this and hopes in my heart that these will become available. :smiley:

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We really need to have a possibility to have right click interaction on the same components that has a click interaction this is kinda fundamental to making full feature web apps that function and feel like desktop apps.

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I would be VERY interested to have Right-click and Double-click actions available for prototyping.

Also, please add a timer function. Figma is so great for making wireframes but Axure is still eating your lunch in terms of Prototyping interactions.

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