Reverse search (search files from a screenshot)

I work in a large design team (50 designers) in a fast-growing company. The product is complex and has many different flows and variations.

I often find myself wanting to find a specific screen in Figma from a specific part of the product.

If we had a great index internally that we kept very well groomed, this wouldn’t be a challenge. But it is not the case.
Most of the time, I really on asking in Slack if anyone knows where I can find a recent-ish version of this or this in Figma, wait, and 50% of the time another designer finds something.

What if we could do reverse image search in Figma like we do in Google?

  1. I screenshot a part of my product
  2. I use it the reverse search in Figma
  3. Figma shows me the files, and where in the files, that have designs that match very closely my screenshot
  4. I can grab my screen and start designing!