Published widget not available when local development version added

Recently, I am no longer able to add a published version of my widget alongside the development version.

In the widgets panel, when I navigate to my organization’s widgets pane and attempt to add the widget, the dev version is the only one that is ever added, regardless of if I add it from the “dev” or “organization” panel.

Removing the local dev widget connection re-enables my access to the published version, but I am otherwise unable to access and use the published version.

Screenshots follow with redacted info, but showing the two states.

Published widget panel, showing only the dev version (with other widget info redacted):

This wasn’t always the case, did something change?

Content update, I was only able to attach one screenshot as a “new user”, so I added the “organization” panel.

Hi Christopher_Gonzalez,
Thank you for reaching out to the community! I have checked internally, and I can confirm that there were no changes on our side. We can’t also replicate the issue on our end (we are able to add either version of the widget).

Would you mind replicating the flow we did below (see video recording) and sharing a screen recording here? This will help us to investigate further what’s causing this. Thank you!