Prototyping slowness!

Hey there! I am preparing a clickable prototype for stakeholders however recently my prototype file in figma file feels VERY slow out of nowhere… Has anyone experienced lagginess when presenting a clickable prototype? I even created a new project to reduce the file size. Any suggestions appreciated! THANK YOU!

Same here. Many projects or prototypes takes now more than 10 seconds to open

Have you tried anything to help slow lagginess? I have some minor slide out animations wonder if that causes slowness?

Nothing really helps. sorry :frowning:

Hey @diannnek and @Sebastien_LOUAP , I’m an engineer on the prototyping team. We recently rolled out some changes to support interactive components. Would you be willing to share your file with me via DM? This would be helpful for us to diagnose performance regressions.

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If you have subscribed to the interactive component’s beta, I suggest you disable it to see if there is a change in the reaction time.

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Sent! Thanks SO much :blush:

Hello. I have the same problem with the prototype. For some reason, no one from support responds to my topic, although I attached screencasts and a link to the prototype and described the problem in detail. If it is not difficult for you, answer in my topic to draw the attention of support to my problem. This really prevents you from approving the layout with the customer. Thanks. Here is a link to my topic: Prototype is freezing (mobile layout)

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How long ago did you contact support? It usually takes about 5 business days to reply for free accounts and about 3 business days for paid ones.

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My working prototype link becoming not responding & cant check it at all.



Mine too. I have to send it to my client, but it’s not working at all.
Is this about server problem?

Yep, prototype rendering is extremely slow or infinite (( Looks like a server problem

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I have same problem… Preview is extremely slow or stays in an infinite load… I hope it gets fixed soon

Same issue here, can’t view in presentation mode on any files

Also having this issue :frowning: :slightly_frowning_face:

I would like to highlight that this is still an issue. As a test, I created an empty frame and published it here: Figma

It takes me about 5 seconds to load which is too much considering it’s literally nothing to display.