Prototyping - Selecting an Item

while prototyping it would be nice if I could select one or all of the items from one component which sits in many different frames on one page. Then we could make page links easier if you haven’t started with one in the beginning.

Send me an email if you need me to elaborate. Cheers,

Hey @Bianka1 - I know you mentioned you wanted us to send an email if we needed more info, but I wanted to reach out here so that our conversation could be found by anyone else that may be interested in this.

It’s very possible I misunderstood what you were asking, but if the components are all on one page, a possible solution would be to use the search function and enter the name of the component you want to change. You’d then be able to multi-select all instances if you needed to change. This only works if the components all have the same name, though (ex: main component is “Rectangle” and instances are “Rectangle 2” or “Rectangle 3” etc.)

Again, let me know if I missed the mark here.