Prototype "on click" disabled

I see that this has been an issue before but I couldn’t find a resolution in the previous post from 2021.
Creating a new connection in prototype mode and the ‘on click’ option is grayed out. It doesn’t happen on every connection, just randomly but sometimes on the same type of element. For example: on certain buttons I cannot create an ‘on click’ connection between the button itself and the next screen but I can create an ‘on click’ from the button text. In another instance I have a gallery page that is entirely images and I want to create an ‘on click’ connect from an image to the next screen which shows the image preview but I can’t and on this gallery page every connection I try, from any image on the page, defaults to ‘on drag’ with ‘on click’ greyed out.
Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it?

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Make sure you didn’t already use it in interactions panel on the right
Скриншот 26-03-2023 145839

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Did I already create the same connection with an ‘on click’? No.

Oops! I just saw what you meant, thank you!


on the prototype panel on the right please check if you have used multiple interactions and delete unused interaction by clicking on minus ’ - ’ this will enable the onclick option or you can also tweak the onclick interaction in the right panel

I do have similar issue, I can not find the “on click” option in prototype, I did download the beta version; same problem.

Did anyone faced the same thing? And HOW to fix it?