Prototype gets stuck

Hi people, can anyone advise what to do? Everytime I do a prototype for a specific project, it gets stuck when running it. It helps when I remove all interactions, but when I do prototyping the issue happens again.

What do you mean by “gets stuck”?

Prototype gets frozen, can’t scroll or navigate

Does it happen in a specific file or in all files? Can you show an example?

sure, here is the prototype: Figma

The prototype isn’t even loading for me. It is either overloaded with objects and images or just has some internal breakages. I advice you to contact Figma support with this issue, community probably won’t be able to help here (especially if this is a bug in Figma).

Hi @Tomas_Andriskevicius!
I also failed to run “Flow 4”. When I opened the file, I noticed that you are using a lot of vector objects in the mask (Frame 1214132462, green squares in the screenshot), removing which the prototype runs as expected.

You can try removing unused objects from the above frame (and all copies of it) or rasterize these objects.

Wow that’s some intense masking! Yeah no wonder Figma dies trying to load them.

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