Prototype creates tappable areas to go back/forward when running on mobile

I’m not sure if it is what you’re looking for, but I faced the problem that all my screens of mobile app are simply from one to another by tapping on the sides (same as by arrow keys) and this option “Disable keyboard navigation” is not the solution cause you still able to see all the screens.

I was messing around with the some options and I FOUND THE SOLUTION. You need to create Flow! Select the first screen, on the panel click + on the Flow starting point and voila!

I think the main logic of the Figma is to navigate through the screens in Prototyping just to be able quickly inspect some stuff without hopping back to Design file, but if you want to have strict direction from one screen to another as you see it by your site map, you need create Flow, that disable this navigation feature.

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