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Problems with missing library in Design System

Hello Figma Support.

We have problems with missing libraries.
We create our websites with a Design System (DS) as a shared Library (LIB). Several designers are working on the LIB / DS.

Lately the message “Missing Library” appears in many files and we can’t find the error. Although when we removed ALL ELEMENTS & PAGES and have a blank Figma-File, the message ”missing library” still appears.

Possible scenarios:
• Someone put components from other community LIBs into our LIB/DS and published it.
• Then somebody delete/removed the other LIBs from our Figma Account/Dashboard. (we cannot restore it)
• We don’t know anymore which LIB or component it was.

Version history doesn’t work!
After going back to the date when everything worked fine with our DS (via the version history) the message “Missing Library” is still there. When we “go to the component” Figma searching for a file that is “still not found”

We want to delete/remove these components. We need help, to solve this problem.

Kind regards


@Tobi3 Thanks for reaching out. I just pushed this to our support team to take a closer look. They’ll be reaching out via email!

Same problem here with the missing library in Design System.
It is annoying when it seems like it should be a basic function.

What is annoying is that it takes time away from work and later you find yourself guessing if you have the latest components.
This also presents as a big risk when working in groups and collaborators end up using some old component.
There should be some kind of purge or manually able to select and delete components.

Please fix this issue…

Even if I recreate the style the missing style will not replace.

Same issue. Please fix!

I’m also getting this rogue “missing library” error where the Figma file is saying that text styles from a missing libary are in use when they are most definitely not. Deleting all contents from all pages still shows “missing library”. Please fix or at least provide a way to manually dimiss the erroneous warning.

I seem to be having the same trouble. Multiple files indicating that a few components or colors are missing, but I have looked and the original component and library files appear to be untouched. I changed one of the colors and published. The color changed just fine in the other file but the library panel still listed it as being missing. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing or perhaps it’s a bug. Any help would be great. Thank you!


Having the same issue, please fix.

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