Plugin stops working correctly after Figma update

Hi Everybody!

I have an unpublished plugin that stops working, whenever Figma update is released. Do you know if I can get notified in advanced about the update and what it will have impact on?

The plugin allows to export creatives with their properties externally. So, whenever there’s a change to the approach to the properties of the elements, the plugin stops working correctly.

Do you know any solution to this?


All you can get is just the information that Figma shares. Check for updates on the links provided in this post: Change log or quick summary of what's included in an update - #2 by tank666.

What kind of Plugin API errors do you encounter when Figma releases updates?

So, what you are saying is that I can only view the updates after they were released and there is no sufficient way to prepare for it in advance?

That’s right! But usually Figma updates don’t break plugins/widgets. If you could tell more about the errors you encountered, then you could probably find the cause or send a bug report to support.