Please show Variable's description in tooltip on hover

I think this might be a bug. Currently, there is no way to see the description defined for a variable inside of a collection when viewing variables in the Color panel. This makes it difficult to determine which variable to use when a team has a large collection. Please show a tooltip on hover, similar to how Styles behave on hover.

Only way to see the description is by going into the Variables settings where the collection is published from


We also utilise descriptions and have no idea where it shows up, It used to be on hover for styles and also in the inspect panel


This feature has been invaluable to our team! Especially, when someone needs to know the hex code of a color value.

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This is a must have feature, I don’t even know how anybody can use variables for light/dark themes without an “on hover” tooltip. Would be even better if on hover you could see the theme conversions (like, see the color in the other themes).
Please Figma :pray:


Same. Slightly maddening. Please help.


Massive +1 for this…descriptions are currently redundant without showing them anywhere.

Please fix this. Variables could be so powerful, but since Figma is missing basic features like these, it’s hard to go all in on the concept.

Yeah, variable descriptions are mostly useless without this feature. Needs a way to be more visible to users of our design system. Especially having number variables for things like gaps and spacing, would love to be able to utilize descriptions in this way to highlight when to use which numbers

Figma’s Adobification just began. a lot of features, but the essential doesn’t works.

Ok Variables is a beta and bla bla bla, but we need the basic.

The created the variables feature to sell Dev Mode.

My company is planning to change Figma by other tool, more stable.