Persistent Drop Shadow After Deleting Effect

I’m working on drafting out a tutorial for a complex process which involves highlighting buttons on the page with a drop-shadow effect to cause a glow on them.
My problem is that after I duplicate that frame and remove the drop-shadow/glow effect from the button, it removes it at first but is reapplied when I either change something else on the frame or when I close the document and come back. So there’s no real way to remove the glow effect on a button once I’ve applied it to one and duplicated it…
This is very frustrating and would appreciate any help in how to possibly resolve this!

I ran into this same dilemma and I have a fix. I was using Figma for illustration only and a persistent drop shadow could not be removed from the Effects tab. Other suggestions were to add (+) drop shadow through Effects then (-) subtract, but this did not work for me. Also, no Figma plugin or any other method through the program would remove the persistent drop shadow.

Here’s the fix. You have to export your file with the persistent drop shadow. In my case I exported as an SVG file. Then you have to import that file into an SVG viewer (you should be able to find one online for free - can handle large files). From there you should see the entire code of your file. Search (ctrl F) for shadow in your code and you should be able to pinpoint the section of code housing the ‘drop shadow.’ It should be at the very end of your code wrapped within <filter [code] . Delete this block of code then search for the group tag, it will look something like this - and replace this with . Chat GPT should be able to help you figure out what exactly to delete if you’re having trouble. Then re-download your file from the SVG viewer or whichever file viewer you’re using and you should see the drop shadow gone.

To recap. Download your file. Upload to an online file viewer. Search for the drop shadow within the code. Delete and amend. Re-download. Hope this helps.