Pasting outside frames

I don’t know how many times a day I curse out Figma simply because the copy and paste function throws components I copy within one auto layout or frame into one group OUTSIDE the same auto layout or frame. If I copy and paste, it’s most likely because I expect it to do the pasting in order from where I am working, NOT throwing it out someplace in Montana (just because). I have seen others complain about this since January of 22. Shouldn’t the default copy/paste pattern default to pasting where I am working, not where the grass is green and the horses roam free?

Figma thinks about it mid action “I KNOW… LETS THROW THIS INTO THE NEXT FRAME!”

The worst of this is when you’re expected to design “something quick” on a client call and you’re trying to show off your designer prowess and Figma pastes your components into random frames you haven’t selected or clicked into and it causes all your auto layout logic to break and appear like you’re trying to play the bass guitar with a xylophone.

Why does it do this? What am I missing here? /looking for a friend.

Auto layout bug - copying/pasting frame pastes it outside the parent frame - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

Hey @Michael_Frazier1, sorry for the frustration!

Pasted objects try to maintain the same x and y positions within the destination frame relative to its position in the group or frame it was copied from. If the destination group or frame can’t accommodate either of the object’s x or y position in its previous container, Figma will paste the object in the center of the new frame.

More info and examples here:

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