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  1. Trying to standardise the way we structure files. But currently - every time we open a new doc we have to manually add :
  • a cover page,
  • some ---------- divider pages,
  • a sandbox page
  • etc

and with each person creating their own - it’s not long before little inconsistencies creep in etc

would be great to be able to set a boilerplate for a document that includes a predefined list of pages

ideally we can also make the ------- dividers something that is just part of the UI

silly annecdote - but i didnt realise i was working in a ----- page - and when I loaded the file a few days later – took me forever to try and find my work – jumping from page to page, doc to doc, confused as to why the work was in none of the labelled pages - until i checked each of the dividers :sweat_smile:

… this one is definetly on me - but would be good to avoid that with some lovely UI dividers - for those that don’t want to make a whole page for it

does anyone else use a similar structure form file to file?

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