Overlay in Component on Different Page

I ran into this issue a couple of times: I want to open a an overlay when the user clicks on a certain button inside an instance of a component. What I did was I linked this overlay in the “root” component (so that it would work in every instance) with On Click > Open overlay. If I want to test it in the prototype though, there is no clickable area. I think that in the past I tried if it works if the component definition and the instance are on the same page. If I remember correctly, it then works. But that does not make sense from a user perspective, as I want my components to be collected on a separate page.

Can you tell me if that is the way it works at the moment or if I am doing something wrong? I found a couple of related questions in this forum, but they were all closed automatically and there were no answers.

I can’t share any Screenshots with you as the project I am working on is sensitive.

Thanks in advance and also thanks for the great work!!!

Hi @Katharina_Clasen

it’s long discussion and i think there is also a Vote for it, it’s not currently possible to have actionable components inside another page and prototype it in others or even put the both in one page and recall them from another

but i think it’s in the roadmap features of Figma for the future
hope it clears it for you

Thank you very much for the reply!
I mean, I hoped there is solution already, but it is also good to know that I am not doing anything wrong and that there might be a way to solve this in the future. That won’t help me with my Usability tests on Friday, though – just kidding :wink:
But like I said: Thank you!


you welcome, Yes as of know we have to use the overlays and component in the same page that we are calling for them in the prototype

with the new section added, we don’t really need to have too many pages for our design. we can simply add more sections in the same page. however not on large files, cause heavy pages need more hardware resources too

I am happy to help

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