Organization: Projects and Grouping Files Ask

Hello there, I’ve got a request within projects & files: The larger our projects get the more I find that I’m running into a desire to group files within a project into their own groups within the current project.

For example, I open up a new project A → Then later find I’ve created lots of projects that are related to one another and would be easier to find if they were together. Especially for the rest of my team who does not spend as much time as I do in Figma.

I’ve got things in place to help make my work identifiable as fast as possible, but I still feel that grouping things together would be really helpful for wayfinding.

Thank you in advanced for your time and consideration!

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Hey @eRios, thank you for your feedback! I totally understand the need of your feature request to group files. Community members suggested folders as a feature request. This would make it possible for you to sort the files which belong together in specific folders. I’ve merged your post with a similar one. Please feel free to upvote the main post.


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