Option to remove design file icon from tabs

On the Figma beta and after updating there are now file icons in the tabs and it’s causing a bunch of unneeded noise and is making it harder to glance at open files.

Not asking for this to be removed but please give us an option to turn it off within the app, how we work is we like to use emoji/system icons within file names for differing status and other things and it’s making it very cluttered as its a bright blue icon.

I get y’all are pushing figjams as hard as possible but we’re not using them to even close to a degree that we need this surfaced at a tab level.


@mjsxi I came here to report the same thing. Also using the beta. The tabs have a muted white as the text for a reason, and now there’s big bright blue icons which makes it hard to read and having blue there distracts from an otherwise well balanced more or less colourless display that keeps my attention on my document colours.

I understand that you want to tell the difference between Figma and Figjam tabs but at most I think it should be just the icon (and not the square around it), at the same opacity as the text.

It’s distracting enough that I’ve signed into this forum to make my first post!

Yikes, I am not using the beta and wasn’t aware of this plan, but +1 for a better way to display file types in tabs, that doesn’t take horizontal real estate.

Instead of adding an icon, maybe tab background colors? or a color line above/below the tabs?

I’m all for better orientation, easier identification of files and so on. I am a bit puzzled that this is happening before more basic issues like “open a file link, no idea in which team this file is”. See: Figma toolbar as a better navigation tool around your organization - Share Feedback - Figma Support Forum

EDIT: For those who use Figma in the browser, it’s true that every browser tab has an icon. I can see how making that icon informative is better. But in the desktop app there are no icons, which is nice.

+4 from my team …
give us an option to turn it off


Yeah, I created an account to post this too.

I usually never chime in on things unless they’re very distracting or a regression. Hope they remove it or make it an into option since its so glaring and distracting.


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