Figma toolbar as a better navigation tool around your organization

The main problem is that in a big organization, when you’re in a file, there’s no way to see in which Team this file is located. You see in which Organization it is, and in which Project folder. What about the Team layer in between?

What I end up doing (am I the only one?) is clicking the Project name next to the File name in the toolbar, expecting Figma to take me to that Project folder, so that I can see in which Team it is. Instead, I get the “Move to project” panel. When I need to move a file to another project, I go to the drop-down and choose the option there. It seems to have more affordance to go to this menu for that function than to click on the current project’s name. But I can’t figure out in which Team this Project or File is located!

What’s more annoying is that in Organization, the Organization’s logo appears on the left of the toolbar and DOES bring you to that Organization. So this makes it extra inconsistent. I get it: some people might not have full access to the Team where this file is. But heck, they might not have access to the Project either, and that’s displayed.

Why not make the toolbar be an easy way to navigate to places? Adding the logo of the current Team (even if it’s not a link!) would already make life much easier.

From this:

To this:

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