Open overlay don't work when a component is imported from another page or Figma file

A component with an interaction applied with open overlay works perfectly. However, think of an example where you need to use the same component on another page on the same Figma file or a different Figma file. When I to do so, the component is imported with no issues. The problem is that the interaction with open overlay doesn’t work at all.

I’d solve the issue by importing the same tooltip into the main page and redefine the interaction with open overlay on the same page. However, this’d cause a mess on the main page that I work on.

Is there any solutions to this that I’m not aware of? I’d appreciate any support. Please see the example file from the link below.

Figma File

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I have had exactly the same issue. Is this a bug with Figma?

This issue isn’t solved yet :confused:

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It seems this is related to Figma’s current restriction of not being able to have a prototype span more than one page in a file. But lots of folks want this capability! If you haven’t already, upvote this post in the Share An Idea section of the forum.