One Design System, Multiple Projects with Different Colors

Hello Everyone! I work for a Tech Solution company and we want to use the same design system for all of our projects and only change the colors for each projects, I have published the Design System library but when I use one of its assets it comes with the Design System color, do i have top manually change each component’s color?

Hey Barez, if you’re on a paid plan, variables may be helpful - navigating brand/colouring differences is one of the main use cases for variables. More information you can find in the Help Center article under the section “Variables for designs and design systems”.

that’s what I was doing for a previous project but now I have a new project where there is a base component but it can be skinnable (logos and colors) and we’ll have MANNNNNYYY like probably 30+ so variables seems like it’ll be too annoying to manage, how do you suggest making that work?