Offer Dev Mode Standalone seats on the Pro Plan

Hey guys,
Is there a way to allow a developer to enter Dev Mode without them having the Edit rights? I’m afraid they’re gonna mess up something, primarily because they don’t know Figma at a design level.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Cristian, thanks for reaching out!

There is a Dev Mode standalone which allows full access to all Dev Mode features, but only viewer access to designs.

More info here:

Hey @dvaliao
Thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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hi @dvaliao
I don’t have this feature in my members setting. I just want the developer to have access to dev mode, but without editing. How do I select that?

Hey @Cristian_Banu, sorry for the confusion and oversight!

We currently don’t offer a standalone Dev Mode option on the Pro plan, so this currently isn’t possible for your team. I’ve updated your topic into a feature request though, and we’ll pass this feedback onto the Dev Mode team.

I’m sure there are others in the community that may benefit from this capability, so we’ll use the Votes from the community to advocate on your behalf.

Hi @dvaliao
That’s a huge bummer. I don’t get it, Pro Plan people are stigmatized for not having a big organization? :smiley:

You need to offer a standalone dev mode option for pro, org, and enterprise accounts! This is insane. I have a team of 3 designers and everyone else, roughly 20+ are developers who only need to view and inspect! My managers aren’t going to go for spending another $9-10k /year for 20 people when they are only using ~25% (or less) of that $35/each! Please come up with a better pricing structure. I spent nearly 18 months selling Figma/FigJam to my managers and finally got sign off less than a year ago and I don’t want to go through this again. Please have this figured out by the next conference in June so you can stop the bleeding before it turns into a full-fledged flat-line.

Hey @Scott_Stoddard, this is already on the team’s radar for improvement, which is why I updated the topic into a feature request!

Stay tuned - our Dev mode team plans to make this happen, but we don’t have an exact timeline to provide yet.

This is an absolute must. I agree with @Scott_Stoddard. This is one of the main reasons we switched to Figma and now our Devs have zero access to the files.

It still reads on your site:

Use the right sidebar with view-only access

Viewer and viewer-restricted users can collaborate on designs, view design properties, copy basic code, and export assets.

Viewer access is great for people who don’t need to edit designs or for developers who need to access designs, but don’t need the full suite of Dev Mode features.

But this now does not work. The devs only get a message telling them to sign up for Dev Mode.

The dev should have access to the dev mode AND access to the view mode, without the editing permission. Like they can double click layers or something to see how thigns are organized, without us having to live with the fear that they might accidentally move something or remove something.

Is there any update here? The cost difference for my team of 31 is huge, from 500 to over 16k (if we upgraded straight across to get dev mode). Our design team is only 8 people, and we’d like to just give everyone else dev mode. We are on the pro plan, and I really cannot justify that cost difference for dev mode; the loss of this feature could potentially be a product killer (we don’t want it to be).


exactly my thoughts.