Not all objects/layers visible


I have been playing around with vector icons and have then cleaned up my design removing all unused/unwanted icons. I then shared my project with an external dev with a link. Under this link, we can see 2 unwanted vector icons in my design. However, I as the owner cannot see them in my figma app.

I have been googling in and out what the best way would be to “find” unwanted elements in a design (i.e. highligt all frames, layers, groups etc.) but no success.

Any ideas how I can find these elements?


Outline mode could be helpful. Shift + O

As a beginner to Figma, I did not know outline mode. Pretty cool, but unfortunately it does not show the sneaky elements either…

Here’s a quick update: So I still can not find the elements when logged in to my project. However, if I use the link I used to share, which is view only, I can see the elements just like the external dev… AND I can actually select and delete the elements using the link.

So what have I learned? Well,

  1. thanks @Klesus because you taught me the outline mode and triggered me to use the link for sharing the project,
  2. I have no idea why the elements are not showing for me when properly logged in to my project,
  3. it is weird that I can use a view-only link, see myself logged in as project owner in the Figma app while accessing the project through the browser (using the link) and then being able to actually edit the project in the browser.

So I managed to remove the elements but not in a really satisfying way. Maybe I will find out some day what this was. Maybe it was just that I used the Figma app to create the project and when sharing and accessing through the browser something is out of sync…