Nested Instance Swapped component copy/paste bug

I have created a nested component structure containing other components and one that is instance swapped.


<> Component A
|_ <> Component Header B
|_ <> Component Header Content A (Inst Swapped to Component Header Content B)

If I copy that component structure around in my own local project spaces, it works as expected. Component Header Content B remains swapped in place as expected.

However, some members on my team have had issues with this structure when copying it into their own local projects. It fails to maintain the connection to the instanced swapped component (Component Header Content B in the above example node structure)

Instead it resets Component Header Content A to its original state (unswapped). Because Component Header Content B is not a local component in their project, they have no way to instance swap back to it from the menu either. The goal is to maintain the link so the main component remains in my local project.

However, others have had no problems at all. That’s what makes this bug harder to pinpoint. I haven’t been able to narrow down a specific difference between the team members approaches yet. There also seems to be mixed results between using the Figma installed app vs the browser in this copy / paste scenario. Another thought is this may happen when brought into a drafts project vs a team project file.

I have seen complex prototypes have major issues copying / pasting between projects as well, so it may be related. This component is not relying on a shared library concept currently. Only copy / paste between team member project files. I’m hoping incorporating it into a shared library will help resolve this for the short term, but the bug should still be addressed as you would expect copy/paste to do this correctly (and it does in many instances).

Side note but related, it would be incredibly useful and faster to be able to paste in an instance swap similar to paste to replace vs using the current side menu tree navigation.

Not seeing a way to edit posts here? The node structure didn’t indent correct… trying again with periods for spaces:

<> Component A
… |_ <> Component Header B
… |_ <> Component Header Content A (Inst Swapped to Component Header Content B)

Nope… indenting is still lost. Basically in the example, each node is nested within the previous.

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging with very detailed contents. It looks like we might need to investigate with your file link, so could you reach out to the support team via this form: I know it’s frustrating, but our support team will give you further assistance.