Nested components not swapping with library swap

I’m working with many branded Atom libraries and a central Component library. Swapping Atom libraries swaps the styles (colours typography etc) and it should also swap the atoms (buttons, badges etc) also in this library. However it won’t swap any instances of the atoms when they are nested in a Component library component.

For example, a card is created as a component in the Component library and includes a button from Atom library A. When designing with that card, I want to swap from Atom library A to B which I am able to do and the styles update according. However the nested button does not swap, and remains connected to library A. When I view the styles and components during the library swap, it doesn’t even come up as an option to map the button to the library B instance.

Has anyone been able to figure out how to swap nested components when you switch libraries?

I found a similar post about this issue but it was closed, in case this better explains the issue: Swap library nested components?

Could you make a short video with the actions you’re taking? If you’d rather, you can share a Figma file with the issue you’re encountering. Maybe we can find a workaround.

Same here. One Bootstrap base library, several brand libraries with color and font styles, and a brand logo. One instance of a generic logo is nested in a header/nav bar component of the base library. Swapping the libraries should swap this nested logo, but doesn’t. If the (generic) logo isn’t nested swapping works.

Seems like your card is an instance, potentially remote one. I’d guess to make the magic happen you would need to swap the library on master file