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My project is not showing in prototype view

I don’t know what i messed up, but when i click in Present, i get a blank screen and not my project showing up.

It’s hard to say anything without the file. Have you tried relaunching Figma?

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Yes, i tried, sorry for the lack of information, im new to figma and dont know how to include my file in the post yet. But i’ll try to figure it out.

You can simply share a link.

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Thank you for the attention, i shared my project’s link here:

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Here is the file link:

The link to your file doesn’t open due to viewing restrictions.

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Problably its because i have the free version.

No, not because of the free plan. In the “Share” menu, set “Anyone with the link” and “Can view”.

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Oh god, i feel so embarassed so sorry, i started learning figma 2 days ago. Anyway hope the link works now:

You only have one rectangle in the frame, everything else is outside (see layers panel):

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Wait why did you create a new forum topic for this? :smiley: