Move comments to different page

Hi there,

during a project I often reorganize pages and frames.

Is there a way to move a comment to a different page? Or to have it follow along as I cut and paste that screen to a different page?



Yes, I’ve been having the exact same struggle. You cannot cut and paste the frame with the comment, since the comment will just detach from the frame and stay on that said page.

BUT you CAN select the frame (or multiple), right click, move to page and select the page it should be moved to. This will include those comments, that are attached to the frame!

Good luck! :blush:


Lifesaver - thank you!!!


Great tip! Thank you so much!

Is there a way to save comments with the figma file while saving a local copy?
OR Can we carry forward the comments while duplicating a figma file?

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As a researcher (aka I am not the Figma Guru) working with designers in the Figma files. Being able to have a copy of my comments for my records as researcher and pushing duplicate comments for the designer to resolve as they work would be a fabulous add to the product!

This has been the closest thing I have found to solving my problem because I this is a great part solution for me, but still no way to duplicate the comments and then move to the page

Help! Any ideas?

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This would be really helpful.

You can indeed right click on selected items and choose “Move to page” but that list is only within the current file.
It would be great if i could transfer items to pages within other design files in the same project (including valuable comments). The only way to do that right now is to copy/paste and lose the comments :anguished:

My use case for this is that I like to have a single archive for all design files in my design system. When cleaning designs I don’t like to delete everything and rather archive it - including old comments. I prefer to have the archive separate so it won’t be visible as a page in the designs (when sharing with clients).


Thanks thanks thanks! Such an annoyance until I found this tip.

I’d like to add that there are nuances to ‘comments that are attached to the frame’.

First, I noticed the comments need to be placed in the frame, i.e. they can’t be floating.

Second, I noticed that comments can seem visually placed in a frame even though they’re not.

I got around this by moving the comments and dropping them in a frame, making sure that some element was highlighted, e.g. the frame or a text.

The feature to move to other page is great and life saver as many mentioned here. But I constantly get the issue that the comments that have been moved, come back to the page when I load Figma the next day. In this way I get a mix of current and old comments and threads and it’s difficult to navigate. What I noticed too, is that once I remove the comment in the main page (original placement) they get removed also from the destination page (where I moved them to). Does anyone else have the issue as well?

OH!!! Life saver for sure. Thank you!! Was worried it’s not possible, I’ve been re-commenting when I had to move things.