Mobile App: Switching between multiple accounts

Hey there,

recently you just have added the abbility to switch accounts in Figma (like between private and professional/company account).
It’s even implemented in the community profile – where you can select your main account (a feature that I love!)

At least on Android I can‘t switch between accounts on the mobile app (no matter it’s the official, beta or early access version) – you still have to sign out and login with your other account.

Is this a feature you consider to be added in the future?
Somehow the UI feels, like switching is intended and it’s already added to all your other products.

I’ve just added screenshots for better understanding. Both app versions have some sort of team/workspace section, but as I can’t add another account to the app (like on the actual Figma Web/Desktop app), I can’t switch between my accounts (luckily there are two app versions :sweat_smile:)

This is the public Figma android app

This is the beta Figma android app.

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Just wanted to bump this because it’s often really frustrating and the sign in process on mobile is annoying (just by nature of switching windows and needing my auth code).

It has in the past stopped me from bothering to answer that comment, or share that screenshot with my team mate, so a +1 from me!

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+1 for me as well. How is account switching not implemented is beyond me.

any news on this?? this is insane i have to logout/login between my work team and my personal space…

is there any hack? besides having to phones? :laughing:

As a designer who have both work account and personal account, I feel that Figma should allow account switching inside the Figma Mirror.

If you have multiple account active in the browser and don’t remember which one is checked as the main, going directly to the Mirror site will lead to confusion.