Menu display issue

I have a menu component inside another component which displays correctly when viewing in the file on its own as a part of a larger page, but when i go to preview, the menu with just show the shadow, hover and text with no background.

I changed the order to be on top of everything in the page and I am not using auto layout.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 2.14.29 PM

Screenshot showing the issue

Hey Jason_Kohlmann, sorry for the trouble! This looks buggy. Are you seeing this bug only in this file or in any files?

We’d like our team to investigate it, please reach out directly to the support team so they can have a look at it here:

Be sure to use the email associated with your Figma account, a link to the file, and share the file with (with edit access), and if you are able, a quick video recording. (Please include the whole window, with the properties and layers panels in view and relevant layers expanded, and select any layers you’re having trouble with so we can check any relevant settings. We use these videos to try and reproduce the issue in our own files and so showing all steps needed to reproduce the behavior is helpful.) Thank you!