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Make it possible to reattach unattached comments

What can you do when you have unattached comments? There should be an option to place it back on a frame or object inside the canvas. Vote here if you have the same issue. (original question here: What do you do with Unattached comments? )

  1. It would be great if @Figma can let us reattach lost, unattached comments back to a frame.
  2. Even better if the comment automatically falls back to a children frame underneath when you ungroup a frame, to which the comment is attached. That just reduce unattached comments from happening.

Yes pleeeease. In a collaborative work environment I’d say this is considered a critical problem.

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Same problem. Stakeholder accidentally moved the frame and unattached all the comments and they are now orphaned with no way of moving them back. In some cases it’s too difficult to tell what the original comment was referencing.

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