Make an object Absolute Position before adding Auto Layout

I’d like the ability to define an object as Absolute Position before I create an auto layout frame from objects within/selected.

Frequently I’ll have a layout (either from myself or a co-worker) that isn’t auto layout and I need to quickly add that—however—there is at least one object that needs to be absolute positioned in that frame. That object is already in the right place.

Currently if I select everything and create and auto-layout, the regular objects stack just fine but the one that needs to be auto layout gets shoved wherever into the stack and kicks the location of everything (the whole frame) into a new place entirely. Then I have to select the object, make it absolute, re-position it as close to where it was as I can remember, re-stack it, then move and resize the auto-layout frame to whatever it should be.

If instead I could define it as Absolute BEFORE, then I could just add the auto layout and nothing would jump around. Two quick steps and I’m done.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration. Don’t forget to Vote - we use votes to gauge overall interest from the community.

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