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Main Component Library + Main Components Resize

Hi Lads,
I am a Figma “Noob”, trying to change my faith from Sketch to Figma ;D

I have two questions about Components:

  1. How can I have an overview of all my components? Like the page Symbols in Sketch.
    In Figma I find just the Assets sidebar, but you are always relinked to the specific place of the Main Component (like a white elephant).

  2. In a Main Component
    → I change size of an element (part of the Main Component)
    → Why Main Component frame size DON’T resize?

Thank you so much for the attention,
Bests to everybody!

  1. Usually people organize their components on one page or on multiple pages in a file so it’s easy to navigate and find the component you want. Assets panel helps with that too. There is no abstract component storage place like in Sketch.
  2. To make parent frames resize based on the size of their content, you need to use auto layout (these are two separate links to videos about it).

Thank you so much Gleb!

My Component’s frame size is bigger than its elements and I can’t apply auto layout because of the stacking structure.