Local variables panel

After using the Variables feature for some time, I’ve discovered some problems that could be mitigated like this:

  • The Local variables panel should display the Collection name when Toggling off the sidebar.
  • The panel shouldn’t hinder other panels when multiple ones appear at the same time (auto-arrange windows when another one appears)
  • Allow double-clicking on the Collection name to rename
  • Allow changing the variable type of the existing one
  • Searching variables popover should allow users to collapse the Collection
  • Group of variables in the Collection should display numbers of var similar to the All variables section

I also find the constant window resizing extreamly annoying - it should be fixed to a size, or better yet, let me ‘lock’ the window as a side panel.

Ability to move groups to other collections too - I had to re-do 2 hours of work because I found a better way to format with collections but couldnt simply move the variables to a new or existing collection.


very useful indeed!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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