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Lining up edges of inner rectangle and circle

Hi, how do I ensure edges line up? When manually moving it seems like I always go too far or am a little short and I can’t figure it out. In my link, I’m referring to the edges of the small little rectangles. I want to perfectly line them up with the border of the outer circle.

Here’s my view only link. Figma

Hi @Johanna_Lazar! Since the sides of rectangles are always straight, and the arc of a semicircle is a constant offset of the angle, then when aligning the edges of objects there will always be a gap between them (even when the human eye doesn’t see it). So you need to move the rectangles and triangle slightly off the edge of the arc. And so that you can’t see the objects going beyond the edge, use a mask.

To place objects along a curve, you can use this plugin: