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Letter-spacing should not be percentage based

The default settings (at least in my Figma) load a percentage for letter-spacing, but this is not allowed in CSS. For a less avid programmer this may be confusing, when trying to get it to work.

Either set the default to a px value, or add a warning inside the Inspect code


In CSS code under the inspect tab it’s correctly shown as 0.01, no % there.


Then maybe it should not show % in the interface, but say ‘ems’ ?!

Figma is a platform-agnostic design tool, it’s built not only to design for the web, so showing CSS-only values that make no sense on other platforms wouldn’t be a great idea in my opinion.

That’s not entirely true. Almost all inputs are in pixels, except maybe opacity. The input field I designated being faulty is the only one that has a percentage.

If it truly was agnostic, it would not be called letter-spacing, because in typography its called ‘tracking’ (not kerning, that’s for individual letters).

Almost everything in the screenshot is pixels.

The whole interface is based on pixels. The Rulers in Figma aren’t in CM’s or MM’s either, which would be a real drag for anyone using it to design a brochure, or print design.

So lets not pretend. Figma is mainly for web and thus in px and (r)ems.

PS: That’s why the fonts is also not in PT.


I am wondering why Figma seems to set letter-spacing on its own. Is there a reason the default on opening a new file isn’t 0? In fact, it would be nice to have a Figma preferences function such that all new files have the base settings for export and letter-spacing.

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