LAUNCHED: Sections for Figma

Sections FigJam are great. I think sections can also work for Figma.
For example to:
• organize multiple relevant states of one screen or page
• organize screen / page with notes next to it
• organize screen / page with group of additional assets for developer handoff
• organize screens / pages for presentation purposes


I believe Figma devs are already planning on implementing Sections in Figma. Try copying one in Figjam and pasting it into Figma for a vague message about them not being ready!

That said, agree completely. I’ve also started another thread on the same topic, but let’s hope that more activity on the matter will inspire them to work on it sooner.

I made a plugin that allows you to use Sections in Figma right now, also check out the plugin’s official website for details


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Hey All,

We heard you! We brought sections to Figma for more on canvas organization. :tada:

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As with using FigJam Connector lines within Figma (super useful for illustrating relationships between design objects), I would like to use FigJam Sections within Figma. Ideally, both would be offered as features of Figma, rather than us having to copy in from FigJam.

A Section in Figma would be invaluable at visually containing and moving groups of objects at one time. This would be useful for when resequencing screens in a flow, or simply when reorganizing our files.

The visual organization of Sections could also be useful for identifying all design elements associated with a particular screen in a flow, thus making the Section itself an “object” in a flow chart. These flow chart objects could be then connected by Connector lines, ultimately making Figma files flow diagrams with designs within them.

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