Keeping Text in SVG when using REST API

I am currently requesting an SVG of my Frame using the REST APIs GET/v1/images/:key
I noticed that the text used there gets outlined, resulting in paths.
I would like to manipulate that text content and would need them to stay <text> elements.

Is there a way to use the same option as in the UI to disable outlined text?



This needs to happen, how come it’s not an API feature yet?

I would also like Outline Text as an argument in the API. Our use case is to allow users to programmatically create variations of an image designed in Figma.

Bumping this.

That would be so neat to have!

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need this too!

Definitely need this feature.

Feature available yet?

The query parameter is “svg_outline_text=false”, for anyone looking.
It’s still undocumented, but found it by trial and error.