I've sent my widget for review, now what? 😄

Hey everyone!

I’ve just submitted my first widget for review, but now I don’t know how to use it with colleagues and users during interviews.

Can I add the widget to a document in a way that anyone can use it? I tried using it in my browser as opposed to the desktop client, but even though I installed it in the in-review page, I can’t create new or interact with existing ones.

Wait for the widget to be approved, and then you may need to replace the dev version of the widget with the Figma Community version in your FigJam file.

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Gotcha, thanks again for the quick answer, Yury!

So Gleb’s suggestion of sending to review with a note for holding approval isn’t valid for widgets, right?

In the meantime, if I want users to interact with the widget during interviews & design research, I’ll need to share the manifest & html/js files and ask them to add the dev version of the widget, right? Follow up questions:

  1. Could a dev-only widget be shared across two accounts, two Figma clients?
  2. Is there any way to use dev-only widgets in the browser instead of the desktop client?

If you have indicated that your widget is in alpha or beta, then you still need to wait for the Figma team to review and approve the widget.

Since the widget has not yet been approved and added to the Figma Community, this is the only way to work with your widget.

Haven’t tested it, but I’m guessing it can, but only if users import your widget code in a desktop app.

No, the dev version of widgets cannot be run in a browser. When interacting with the widget, you should see the notification “Could not find widget code to run”.

I also want to note that only users with the “can edit” permission can interact with widgets.

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