Issue or Bug in Button Set, in instance 2 px added with out reason

hi, I have an issue or bug with a component button set. Every instance I place on the cavas appeared with 2px extra in the right padding. Is some having the same bug??? please help :wink:

Hey @Ricardo_Andres_Baquero are you able to share a file where you’re seeing this issue? Does this happen with other component sets or just this specific one?

hi @Josh, thx for your reply. It is strange because the issue appears and disappears. Thats why thing it may be a bug or a component construction problem.

Here der lInk

Thanks for sharing the file. I wan’t able to reproduce the issue, at least with the base options for the button. Do you see the issue by chance, when updating the instance? For example changing text, swapping variants, etc.?

Also not sure if this has any effect or just a different issue, but I did notice that some of your button widths vary across the sets. For example one of the arrows is set to a width of 40, another to 38, and another to 40.05. Might be worth going through each element and double checking the widths and any auto layout settings are set correctly. :slight_smile: