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Is there any way to batch add autolayout?

I would like to be able to select multiple layers and add autolayout to each of them with one click rather than having to shift+A them one at a time.

In my example above, I would like to add autolayout for each swatch. Only way I know is to go through them one by one. If anyone knows a work-around or plugin I would love to hear about it.

Such a question is usually an indicator that there is a better way to organise stuff. I’d approach this by creating 1 master component with auto layout. Then add N amount of instances, each with own color (as an override). Voila. You even have an opportunity to synchornize every swatch in every subsequent design if you make changes later.

@Slava_Bronevitskiy Thanks for your reply. I suppose I should have specified that the screenshot was to illustrate the mechanics of what I am trying to do, not the actual use-case.

Indeed, starting a fresh component is the way to go 95% of the time. However, sometimes this is not possible or even ideal… such as refactoring certain legacy components.

There are numerous batch operations that figma provides our of the box (batch renaming comes to mind) or which are provided via plugins (changing multiple text, batch styling etc). I am just looking for that same convenience for applying auto-layout.

Automater plugin can do it.

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Amazing, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks @Gleb :slight_smile: