Is there any options to select organization plan without figma editors?

I tried purchase organization FigJam for our group (we don’t have designer only need FigJam for UX and BPM) it seems we needs at least Figma 3editors.

we don’t need Figma editors at this momments.
can we just buy FigJam accounts and Single sign on(SSO) access without Figma editors?

is there any problems if we don’t add Figma editors further later on.

Hey Jinyoung,
Thank you for reaching out to the community. After checking with our team, I confirm you will need a minimum of 3 editors (which means at least one of them being a Figma design editor).
Hope this clarify!

@Celine_Figma Hi, thanks for the info. It helped me a lot. I have an additional question: Is it possible to have three full designer seats while the rest of the team is on the professional plan? becase we have copywriters etc and they dont need all the Organization features.
Thank you

Hey @Zdenek2 , you are welcome! Unfortunately not, it’s not possible to mix and match plans and be billed for all of them on the same invoice.