Is it possible to change mode on a Variable by triggering it from a conditional?

Hello everyone,

As the title say, is it possible to change modes by some sort of trigger in an action ?

Something like If variable = 0 then show mode 1 else 2 ?


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I think I have a similar question/use case…I have two modes for color theme (Light and Dark):

Within those modes, I have a Boolean variable for True/False.

On click of a toggle button, I would like to have conditional logic that checks the current value of that Boolean (e.g., DarkMode == True) and depending on what it is, switch to the other color theme Mode (e.g., then ChangeTo Mode=Light).

After playing around with the new variables and conditional logic features, I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible right now, but it would be amazing if this were possible—it would essentially cut the number of frames in half to prototype a website/app with two color theme modes (or more, with additional themes).


+1 to that!
I Have components that can be changed manually from dark to light mode. I’d like them to change automatically based on the color mode.
Or in other words I’d like to be able to assign and define color modes to components.

we would need to have global variables