Is anyone REALLY confused on how to create variants?

I’m sorry, but I was kind of new to figma and on this new version I have no idea how to create variants now.

Please help


Yes me too!! How do you even create them now? I can understand the resizing tool being moved and auto layout adjustments (not that it really needed updated). However, how do we create variants…

Update: Moved too… it’s explained here - Where is the variant section?

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Thank you so much. I lost way more time that I’d like to admit looking for an answer. Kind of threw me on a loop changing locations like that

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You’re welcome. As soon as I couldn’t find it I went straight to the forms knowing many others would have it too. Too many changes at once in my opinion.

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Yeah, I didn’t expect the command to be removed from the right panel or for it to show up as a button in the top bar.

It made me think they’d gotten rid of Variants entirely, which would ruin most of my current design system.

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The weird thing is if you create multiple components and then select them, the “combine” version of create variants is still in the right-hand pane, and not at the top of the screen. I can get used to anything, but this seems inconsistent.

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 4.43.23 PM

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I didn’t notice this. I agree, it’s inconsistent and it seems to be bugging a lot of people. I also noticed that once there are already variants you can create them from the left panel but not if there aren’t any to begin with?
Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 10.42.07

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