Instead of loading a page, chrome downloads

Chrome loads all sites, except Figma. clicking a Figma bookmark, a link to Figma, or paste url + hit enter instead results in a download. The downloaded file empty and the file type is “document”
. If via bookmark, the document is named after the bookmark.

Sometimes the issue it simply stops.
Otherwise mac restarts resolve it, though several per day is needed.

Experimenting with external keyboard vs. not, as maybe a right-click is sticking. hHowever no other site seems to be an issue.

any insights welcome.

@JerseyJim Hm, if you clear your cache/cookies for Figma in particular, does that seem to help? Is this behavior just in Chrome, or have you seen it happen in Safari as well?

If not, can you post a screen recording of this? If you’d prefer, you can send it to me in a PM instead of posting it directly as a reply on this topic.

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