Insert component is buggy: It just inserts the component in a random frame

When I select a frame and add a component via the button in the top menu, I expect the component to be inserted in the frame I selected in the left sidebar. But Figma for whatever reason just throws the component into a random place in the frame tree. I then have to look where it went and drag it to its intended place. Sometimes it ends up in a nested frame, sometimes just somewhere in the top level of the page. Same with icons I insert via plugins.

Why is that? Dear Figma team, can you please fix that? Or does anyone have a solution?

Before I insert the “Pagination” component I have selected the frame (Slide3) I want to place it in:

But it ends up somewhere completely unexpected:

Hey @OleBerlin, thanks for flagging this!

This definitely seems odd, and not the expected behavior. We’ve flagged it internally for our team to investigate. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share an update soon.

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