Inconsistent gradient from different files

I have gradients of the exact same settings (color and angle) from 2 different files.

I was trying to apply what I experimented into my design system file, only to find that they look different even though the angle adjusted is the same.

Even the CSS is dev mode for the angles are different.

Sample file link

Hey @Megan_Kam, thanks for flagging this to us!

This definitely doesn’t seem right. Can you please add can edit access for, so we can send this over to our gradients team to take a closer look?

Edit access added

Thanks, @Megan_Kam!

I’ve passed this onto our gradients tool team to take a closer look.

Any updates on this?

Hey @Megan_Kam,

Others in the community have brought this to our attention, so using your file and other examples, the team is working on making setting linear mode reset the gradient angle and resetting the third handle, if you are setting to linear gradient from another mode.

We’ll provide another update once the team is able to push a fix. In the meantime, here’s a tweet from a member of the community, who shared how to reproduce and fix: